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Bangladesh Eye Hospital, located in Dhaka, is a beacon of specialized eye care, dedicated to preserving and enhancing vision. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the hospital is at the forefront of ophthalmic services, offering a range of treatments delivered by expert eye doctors.

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At Bangladesh Eye Hospital, the focus goes beyond treating eye conditions; it emphasizes preventive care and vision correction. The hospital’s comprehensive services cover everything from routine eye checkups to advanced surgical procedures. With a commitment to excellence, the hospital stands as a trusted center for those seeking unparalleled eye care in Bangladesh.

The integration of technology, experienced professionals, and a patient-centric approach makes Bangladesh Eye Hospital a premier destination for all your eye health needs. Discover a world of clear vision and expert care at Bangladesh Eye Hospital.

Bangladesh Eye Hospital Address And Contact Details

🏥 Address: 78, Satmasjid Road (West of Road 27), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

☎️ Hotline: 10620

☎️ Phone:  +8809666787878

📧 Email:

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Bangladesh Eye Hospital Doctor List & Chamber Details

DHBD Dr. Kazi Shabbir Anwar Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute

Dr. Kazi Shabbir Anwar

✅ Consultant Of Pediatric Ophthalmology

✅ MBBS, DO (DU), MD, Fellow (Pediatric Ophthalmology)

✅ Child Eye Diseases Specialist & Surgeon

✅ Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute

✅ Appointment Contact:

☎️ Hotline: 10620

☎️ Phone:  +8809666787878

For unparalleled eye care in Dhaka, turn to Bangladesh Eye Hospital. Our expert team of eye doctors utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure the best possible vision outcomes. From routine eye checkups to specialized treatments and surgical procedures, we prioritize your eye health. With a commitment to excellence and a patient-centric approach, Bangladesh Eye Hospital is your trusted partner in clear vision.