About Us

Medical facility is one of the most important fundamental needs of a human being. About 35% of the people of Bangladesh are living below the poverty line. Most of them are deprived of quality and modern medical services. Every year a lot of people are dying because of the lack of proper treatment. Many of these people cannot manage proper treatment because of the lack of exact information; they get confused and fail to avail expected treatment.

Bangladesh is one of the rapid developing countries of the world. After independence Bangladesh has developed a lot, specially, in technology and communication sector. Medical sector has also been developed a lot. Bangladesh is now able to give proper treatment for different hazardous diseases.
Most of our urban people get the privileges to enjoy the government services because they have money. Besides, the poor village people always remain behind the curtain. Because of the lack of equal distribution of national services to all sorts of people the whole nation suffers from different problems and cannot foster the progress of development. In our country government medical services have not been properly developed. But different private sectors have worked with it and developed al lot and in most of the cases they ensure a world class service. But the problem is that almost all the private hospitals are very costly and people of all classes are not solvent enough to get their services spending a huge amount of money. So the question comes. “Will those poor people always remain deprived of proper treatment?”

Ensuring the basic needs for the people is a work not only for the government. Every conscious citizen of this country should spread their hands to help the government. To work with it, we have a lot of young and enthusiastic people; we have enormous possibilities. But we have to ensure the proper use of these resources.
Who we are ?

Since January 2012, Creating Healthy Bangladesh Team has been working intensively as a voluntary and non-profiting organization. In this era of technology for the first time we have launched a website which covers the names and addresses of all the doctors and hospitals of Bangladesh. Our team has worked intensively in the rural and urban part of the country and collected the details of hospitals. The objective of our team is to make those people aware who spend a lot of money but unfortunately fail to get rid of their diseases. Recently we have organized several successful health campaigns in different parts of the country.
The team is also working very hard to remove Hepatitis-B from Bangladesh and through our campaigns we have already informed many people about the causes and effects of Hepatitis-B. Our team is recently trying to start an emergency medical service so that we can ensure primary health care to the rural people and can connect them with the metropolitan cities. The pioneers of the team have gradually collected meritorious students from different parts of the country to form this welfare team. The ultimate objective of this team is to create a healthy Bangladesh.
Our objectives –
  1. To ensure that no people will die without treatment.
  2. To confirm that none will miss proper medical services because of the lack of medical information.
  3. To confirm deception free medical services.
  4. To provide modern medical services to the poor people through voluntary medical camping.
  5. To provide medical services to natural calamity affected communities.
  6. To make Hepatitis B free Bangladesh.
  7. To make the unprivileged people aware through different medical campaigns.
  8. To digitalize health Information Management System.
  9. To provide E-health medical services.
  10. To form National Emergency Medical Service Team.
Goals –

  1. Ensuring 100% primary medical services to all sorts of people.
  2. Ensuring 100% Hepatitis free Bangladesh.
  3. Provide “Digital Medical Id” to each and every person of Bangladesh.
Activities –

Keeping the slogan “Creating Healthy Bangladesh”, we have already launched our web site DOCTORSHOMEBD.COM Any kind of medical service related information will be available here.

This web site provides the following information.

  1. Any information related to Hospitals
  2. Doctors’ profile
  3. Which tests are possible in which diagnostic centers
  4. Health related blog
  5. Opportunity to communicate with doctors in online.
  6. Doctors’ Forum to solve any health related problem.
  7. The facility to search for category based medical services.
Hospital Related Information –

Medical college and hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic Center, Blood bank, etc., and their addresses, location maps, services in detail, emergency contact details, anything related to any kind of medical service centers will be there. This web site will provide very minute and detail information like whether a hospital has cardiology/ neurology departments or not. It will provide details of the doctors serving in that hospital and the contact addresses to communicate them to get services.
Doctors’ Profile –

This section gives the information about the doctors. It tells about the doctors’ qualifications and experiences. The details about getting an appointment to a doctor will also be there from where anyone can know the hospitals where a doctor consults.
Diagnostic Center –

Complete list of all the diagnostic centers of Bangladesh. Which tests are available there will be in detail. It will also show the profiles of the doctors who are carrying out these tests.
Medical Blog –

Doctors will drop valuable assessments and share their experiences here. It will be a source of different information. Doctors will write here which will be very helpful for both the doctors and patients.

For example: If a doctor shares his/her experiences after solving a problem regarding his/her patient it will be helpful for other doctors as well as the patients. This share will also open different dimensions for further research regarding that problem.

This blog serves as a platform for our passionate interest in integrating creativity and the creative process (the arts) into healthcare, particularly, in the care of patients/clients. We encourage and invite you to write your comments and ideas in creating a more humanistic healthcare environment. By providing this format, we hope and believe it will spark a movement in incorporating creativity as another form of treatment and service in patient care.
Medical Forum –

Here everybody gets the opportunity to discuss about their problems and solutions. For example, a user can share his/ her problems and doctors will provide the necessary information to solve it. Not only that, other experienced doctors will be there to give proper solutions to specific problems.

This is also known as the ? Ask a doctor? section. This is an active public medical discussion board which provides the general public with the opportunity to exchange views and seek info from our online community of medical professionals on a variety of medical topics free of charge.
Category Based Search –

There will be multiple search options in this web site from where anyone can find his/her expected services. Anybody can get the total list of hospitals and their contact addresses of a district by searching through district category search. Department based search will give you the list of hospitals and their contact addresses where the expected department (for example, Cardiology, Medicine, Neurology, Orthopedics, etc.) is available. If you want you can also find the services through your expected location. By the way you can get all information regarding you problem and the ways to solve them sitting at home.
Forming National Emergency Medical Service Team –

Every day we get a lot of news regarding road accidents in the dailies. The loses, everyday caused by road accidents, simply exceed the lose done by different terrorist acts all through the country. Accident Research of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology’s report shows that every year 10 to 12 thousand people die because of road accidents. 75% of the incidents happen in urban areas.

To help the affected people in emergency situations just after an accident occurs, initiatives have been taken to form the National Emergency Medical Service Team.

  1. Any road accident and other 40 different type of Medical emergencies anywhere in the Country, emergency service such as ambulance, life support system and rescue system will be available within 10 to 15 minutes time through single window communication alert.
  2. Emergency services have to reach out for any critical pregnancy care at any part of Country.
  3. All the nearby hospitals will be ready to accept the patients for emergency treatment at any time of the day or night.
  4. Trained volunteers from BNCC, Scouts & Guides and selected village team with effective first aid training with necessary tools will reach the accidents sites and protect the patient with first aid and the property till the arrival of emergency services.
  5. Every family in the state will receive training on the importance of safety at home, neighborhood, surroundings and in the street.
Free Medical Camp in the rural Area –

Free medical camp is a volunteer services for the rural people in Bangladesh.It will be organized by some doctors, university students and so on in Bangladesh.