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Mugda Medical College Hospital has been a cornerstone in providing exceptional healthcare services in Bangladesh. Situated in the heart of Dhaka, Mugda Hospital Dhaka has evolved into a distinguished Medical College in Bangladesh, known for its commitment to medical education, research, and compassionate patient care.

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At the core of Mugda Medical College Hospital‘s success is its team of highly qualified and dedicated healthcare professionals, including the esteemed Mugda Medical College Doctors. These experts leverage their expertise to deliver comprehensive and personalized medical services, addressing a wide range of health needs.

The hospital is not just a healthcare provider; it’s a hub for innovation and medical advancements. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on continuous improvement, Mugda Medical College Hospital stands as a beacon of Healthcare in Mugda, setting new standards in the medical field.

Patients receive holistic care, encompassing diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up, ensuring a seamless healthcare journey. Mugda Medical College Hospital is not merely a healthcare institution; it’s a community asset, fostering health and well-being for all. For those seeking Medical College excellence, Mugda Medical College Hospital is the epitome of quality healthcare and medical education.

Mugda Medical College Hospital Address And Contact Details

🏥 Address: Hazi Kadam Ali Road, Mugda, Dhaka

☎️ Phone: +88027275744 , +88027276032

📱 Mobile: +8801793-978504, +8801553306518

📧 Email:

🌐 Website:

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Mugda Medical College Hospital Doctor List & Chamber Details

DHBD Dr. Nargis Sultana Sumi Infertility Care & Research Center (ICRC)

Dr. Nargis Sultana Sumi

✅ Senior Consultant Of Gynecology & Obstetrics

✅ MBBS, MCPS FCPS (OBGYN), Special Training on Infertility (India)

✅ Gynecology, Infertility Specialist & Surgeon

✅ Mugda Medical College & Hospital

✅ Appointment Contact:

☎️ Phone: +88027275744

📱 Mobile: +8801793-978504

Mugda Medical College Hospital, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services and fostering medical education. With a team of dedicated professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a focus on patient well-being, Mugda Medical College Hospital stands as a pillar of health and education in the community. Whether you’re seeking medical care or pursuing education in the medical field, Mugda Medical College Hospital is your reliable partner on the journey to wellness and knowledge. Trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering quality healthcare solutions.