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Al-Manar Hospital Ltd., located in Dhaka, stands out as a beacon of specialized medical services and comprehensive healthcare. Recognized as a top hospital in Dhaka, Al-Manar Hospital is committed to delivering quality medical treatments. The institution boasts a dedicated medical staff and offers advanced medical facilities, ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.

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With a focus on patient-centric healthcare, Al-Manar Hospital provides emergency care services and stands as a leading general hospital in Bangladesh. The hospital’s commitment to excellence and innovation makes it a trusted choice for those seeking high-quality healthcare services.

Al-Manar Hospital is recognized for its excellence in providing quality medical care, making it a trusted destination for those seeking advanced healthcare services. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to provide you with exceptional medical care tailored to your needs.

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🏥 Address: Plot # Umo, Block # Rossoi, Satmosjid Road, Dhaka

📱 Mobile: +8801550020885, +8801550020871

📧 Email:

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DHBD Dr. Jasmine Akhter al-manar hospital ltd

Dr. Jasmine Akhter

✅ Consultant Of Gynecology & Obstetrics


✅ Gynecology, Obstetrics, Infertility Specialist & Surgeon

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital

✅ Appointment Contact:

📱 Mobile: +8801550020885

For quality healthcare in Dhaka, choose Al-Manar Hospital Ltd. Our commitment to specialized medical services, comprehensive healthcare, and emergency care makes us a top choice in Bangladesh. With a dedicated medical staff and advanced facilities, we prioritize patient-centric healthcare, ensuring the best possible treatments.