Prime Diagnostic Limited Dhaka



Prime Diagnostic Limited

36, Old Paltam Line,(VIP Road), Dhaka-1000

Phone: 8317422,8333867,8333868

Mobile: 01198073203

Doctor’s List

Professor Dr. Nahid Mahjabin Morshed

Department of Psychiatry


Professor Dr. Md. Nazmul Ahsan

Psychiatrist, psychiatrist, drug addict, epilepsy, chronic pain and sexually transmitted disease

Dr. A K Sarkar

Diabetes specialist


Dr. Kazi Naser Ahmed

Medicine, Diabetology and Dermatology

Dr. Farooq Azam



Dr. Biswas Shaheen Hasan

Medicine and Dermatology-Sex-Sex, Chest Diseases and Asthma-TB

Dr. Taslima Nigar

Gynecology Oncology


Dr. Nilufa Yasmin

Gynecologist and surgeon

Dr. Sharif Md. Habibur Rahman

Pediatrician and pediatrician


Dr. Sheikh Borhan Uddin

Joint, arthritis pain, cripple specialist and surgeon

Dr. Md. Fakhruddin Bhuiyan



Dr. Ribaiyat Alam Ruba

Specialists in mind nutrition, gastroenterology and liver


                  • Diabetes and heart
                  •  Drug safety congress
                  •  Flu season continues
                  •  Microwave cooking
                  •  New diabetes drug
                  •  Pressure guidelines
                  • Robot therapy
                  • Springtime allergies





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