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Medinet Medical Services

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Doctor’s List

Prof. Dr. Belayat Hossain Prof. Dr. M. A. Sobur Prof. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Prof. Dr. Kanu Balal
MBBS, FCPS, FICS,Trained in Head-Neck Surgery,TMH Mumbai,NUH SingaporeHead & Neck Surgeon Dept. of Otolaryngology & Head-Neck Surgery BSMMU, Dhaka

Head-Neck Specialist & Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Head of Dept. of Medicine IBN Sina Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka

Medicine & Kidney Specialist

MBBS, FCPS (Child) Head of Dept. of Neonatal & Child Dhaka Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka Neonatal,

Infant & Child Specialist

MBBS, PhD, FRCP University of Science & Technology (USTC), Mirpur, Dhaka

Gastro-liver Specialist

Dr. Avro Das Bhowmik Prof. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Prof. Dr. Rajashis Chakrabarty Dr. Mohammad Ali
MBBS,FCPS (Psychiatry)Asstt.Prof.  National Institute of Mental Health Hospital, Dhaka
Mental Health, Headache,Drug Abuse & Hysteria Specialist

MBBS, FCPS (Physical Medicine) National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases Head of Dept. of Physical Medicine National heart Institute Hospital, Dhaka

Rheumatism, Pain, Paralysis & Arthritis Specialist

MBBS, FCPS, MD (Chest Disease) Dhaka National Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka

Chest Disease & Asthma Specialist

MBBS, D-Card, FCPS(Medicine FP) FCPS(Heart P2), MRCP(London P2) Post Graduate Training on Medicine in BSMMU Post Graduate Training on Cardiology in National Heart Foundation & Research Institute.

Specialist in Medicine, Heart Disease & Rheumatic Fever

Dr.A. N. Maksuda Dr. Beauty Rani Ray Asso Prof. Dr. A. K. Chakrabarty Dr. Md. Mohiuddinr

MBBS, DDV (DU)Deputy SecretaryMinistry of laborEx-Associate Professor Skin & VD

Skin VD, Sex, Allergy, AIDS Specialist

MBBS, FCPS (Gynae & Obs) OGSB Hospital & Institute of Reproductive & Child Health Hospital, Dhaka

Maternity, Gynae & Obs Specialist & Surgeon

MBBS, MD, CCD BIRDEM Hospital, Dhaka

Diabetics & Gastroenterology Specialist

MBBS, BCS, MS (Ortho) Orthopedic/Trauma Reconstraction Surgeon. (NITOR) Pangu Hospital, Dhaka Mirpur, Dhaka

Bone & Joint Specialist

Prof. Dr. A.S.M. Nawshad Uddin Ahmed Dr. Md. Mosharof Hossain Khan Dr. S. I. Rashid DR. Md. Mir Hossain


Dhaka Shishu Hospital

Infant & Child Specialist

MBBS, MD (Nephrology) Dhaka Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka

Kidney Disease Specialist

MBBS, CCD BIRDEM Hospital, Dhaka

Diabetics & Skin VD Specialist


Skine VD & Sex Specialist

Dr.Nurun Nahar Akhter Dr. Kazi Moinur Rahman Dr. Ahmed Hossain Choudhury Dr. Sharif Shahjamal

MBBS, FCPS(Gynae-2), MS (Gynae & Obs) Shahid Surahwardhy Hospital, Dhaka

Specialist in Female Diseases Maternity

MBBS, MS (Ortho) National Institute of Trauma & Orthopadic rehabitation PanguHospital, Dhaka

Bone, Pain & Joint Specialist & Orthopedic/Trauma Surgeon

MBBS, PGT, BCS, MD (Neuro Medicine) Dhaka Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka

Medicine & Neuro Medicine Specialist

MBBS, BCS, MS (Urology) National Institute of Kidney & Urology Hospital, Dhaka

Urology Specialist

Prof. Dr. Faridul Alam Dr. Kazi Habibullah Dr. Umme Habiba Sumi Dr. Kabita Ahsan

MBBS, DTM&H(UK), Fellow-IAEA(USA),Phd(DU),Speciality-US/NM Tropical Medicine & Thyroid Diseases INMU, BSMMU Dhaka

Ultrasound Specialist

MBBS(DMC), MCPS(Surgery), MS(General Surgery)BSMMU NCRI&H, Dhaka

Surgical Specialist

MBBS, DDV, PGT Skin & VD Hospital, Dhaka

Skin, Allergy & Sex Specialist

MBBS(Dhaka), C-Ultra(JIMCH), DMUD(USTC) Sonologist, Medinet Medical Services Mirpur, Dhaka


Dr.Abul Bashar Biswas Dr. Zebunnesa Marium Dr. Ranjit Gosh BDS (CU) Dr. Syed Shahnoor Shokol

MD (Medicine), FCGS(Gastroenterologist) Endoscopy Consultant Medinet Medical Services

Specialist in Endoscopy

MBBS, M-Phil(DU) Consultant Nuclear Medicine &Ultrasound AMCH,Dhaka


BDS (CU), FCGS (Orthodontics-2) Dept. of Orthodontics BSMMU, Dhaka

Dentist Surgeon & Specialist

S.Sc(Honors), Physiotherapy(PUB) Physiotherapist Islamic Bank Hospital, Dhaka Mirpur, Dhaka


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